Custom Bridal Shower Album

This was a custom bridal shower album I was asked to create for a nice lady in New York.  I began with matte board that was covered with a fine cotton material that I had passed through my computer to print the blue hydrangea pattern. It took four sections of the cotton paper-backed material for the covers; two for the front and two for the back. 

To cover the horizontal seams in the center of the covers, I placed a two-inch strip of royal blue cardstock that had been edged with one of Martha Stewart's edge punches that creates double hearts.  In a white pigment ink, I stamped an appropriate phrase for a wedding, "To Love and Be Loved is Everything".  The buyer explained that the husband-to-be had given her sister, the bride, an apple for their first date.  It had been digitally photographed and she wanted it used in the album somewhere.  I chose to put a copy of the apple on each side of the phrase. 

After creating the exact two-inch royal blue strip on the back cover, I added a peek-through to expose a silhouette of a couple kissing.  I used the same double hearts to create a border around the peek-through.  Beneath the cutout on the cover, I created a small bouquet of paper hydrangeas (one of my specialties) spraying it with an adhesive glue and sprinkling it with a very fine glitter.  Before attaching the bouquet, I coated both front and back covers with a matte medium to protect the cotton and cardstock.  The inner pages were created to be preserved in plastic sheet protectors.  The book was bound with the posts that can be extended and secured with the special screws that come with them.


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