Disintigrated Italy

Because I live in a very dry area of Colorado (8,000'), getting my bundle to 'weather' has been a challenge.  So it hung on the old shutter in the garden for ages until I finally took it down last month.

Most of the papers were from Italy.  Travel guides, road maps, photos from magazines, and candy wrappers.  I collaged the papers on a 8 x 10 canvas, painted over the top with bronze paint and distress ink in orange.  The hemp and colored fibers were used to tie around  the bundle, along with the rusty wire.    I like how the hemp 'crimped'.The piece of rusted metal is from an old railroad bed here in my town and the piece of bedspring and key are local, too.

I would have loved for the wires to have rusted onto the paper more, but like I said, it's pretty dry here! 

A fun project Seth.  And the other entries are just beautiful!  How different they all came out!





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