Dream Postcard: Pass it on Challenge

Title: Live the dream! Dreams are the fabric of my life… I am where I am today because I have dared to dream.

Process: Fabric paper copy of pastel artwork from an abstract series I did. Though it copied much less vibrant than actual art, I went with it, and added some colored pencil to boost the color more.  Then sewed it onto pre-made watercolor postcard stock. Rubber stamped "DREAM" and made a sleeve with the "D". Inserted variety of fun yarns, trimmings, etc., added beads to one strand.

These "strings" can be removed and I was hoping they would inspire the recipient! The back has a vintage stamp partially attached that can also be used.

(No, I know it can't really be mailed as it is now with the yarn inserts! But those can be removed and another element can be sewn on and then it can be mailed. : ) )

I really had fun doing this, it was the first reader's challenge easy enough for me to do in one sitting! Thank you CPS! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your magazine!! I have started more projects, since I've subscribed, than ever before! I am so much more creative now, CSP has opened doors within my self I didn't know I had. I'm living my dream! Thank you so much.


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