Emma's Daily Stroll Created a Buzz

Emma was created for an exhibition last summer that was themed to the color yellow. At the time, I was not using yellow in my pieces, and I didn't even have much of it in this one, but it was accepted into the show. It was fun collecting the butterflies and insects hovering around her and in her basket.

I wanted to juxtapose their vivid colors against the beautiful, black& white, 19th century engraving. I wish I could tell you which book she's from, but I forgot to note it on the back of the print. I can tell you this: one of my favorite elements is the elf on the bee, which is from a sweet children's book called "The Turned Intos" that was published by Volland in 1920.

The other creatures and her wings are from recycled greeting cards, a catalog cover and vintage postcards. I also used watercolor paint, ink and pencil. 4.5” x 6.5” on archival mat board.


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