"Eternity" Mixed media collage

I work in mixed media collage and assemblage.  All of my work has a deep spiritual element to it, and I use my work to explore themes that interest and intrigue me.  This piece arose from a consistent theme emerging from found objects that attracted me over the space of a year.  I was thinking deeply on questions of mortality and longevity, etc, over that time.  Day after day during my contemplating walks over that year, circular found objects obstructed my path – I simply could not pass them by.  The eternal circle, no beginning, no end called out to me over that year.  I collected an entire jar full of circular found objects and eventually worked some of them into this collage.  The frame is carved from solid slate, reinforcing the theme of eternity.

Dea Fischer
Canmore, Alberta
Blog: www.thestarbook.ca



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