Fiesta 2


I designed this swatch for the Fabric Exchange.  I did not do a lot of embellishing of the fabric, because whoever receives it would like to work over a basic design. 

The base is natural muslin primed with 2 parts gesso to 1 part medium gel mat.  I used a 2”paint brush to spread the mixture over the muslin and left it to dry over night.

The second layer was a  painted mixture of liquid acrylic paint and heavy acrylic paint thinned with Slow-Dry Blending Medium.  I love bright colors so various colors of red, magenta, sunny yellow, sunflower yellow, and  greens were blended into each other with a 1” and 3/4” brush.

The extra paint on the brushes were stippled and smeared onto the contrasting areas.  After the paint was left to dry,  acrylic inks, both primary and metallic, were dropped free hand over the entire piece.  Also a flicking of the hand gave the material a more cohesive look.  Water was misted over all the ink and it caused the ink to run some and made the cloth more fluid.  After that dried, fabric paint was swirled and then stamped with finger sponges and swirled with toothpicks.  

Sharon Irwin



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