'Fish out of Water & Me' Mixed Media on Canvas 10" x 12"

'Fish out of Water & Me' 10" x 12" Original Mixed Media Artwork on Canvas (Acrylic, Pen, Pencil, Pastel & Embellishments) ©2013. A bit of background on this piece…I have named this painting 'Fish out of water and me' … 'because over the years on lots of occasions I have felt like a fish out of water'… 'the fish is mean't to be out there looking odd and awkward and sometimes we can't always get around in life as the nice bird that always fits in…' There is also a barely visible, special message written across the girls chest. It says 'i belong'. Because all little girls need to know deep down that although there will be days when she will feel like a fish out of water, she will always belong.

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