"For Aiko"

This collage was created in honor of my dear friend Aiko from Tokyo, Japan, on the occasion of her 33rd birthday, celebrated on April 9. The collage was created on a piece of recycled cardboard. The substrate was prepped with gesso, and then collaged with a variety of papers, including patterned paper, Chinese script, mulberry, origami squares, and ephemera. After a color-wash of the entire surface with a mixture of light yellow and white paint, gel medium, and water, I added stamped details to the corners with orange and white paint, using a harlequin stamp and bubble wrap. The image of the lady with the parasol was transferred using an inkjet/gel medium transfer. I finished the piece by adding a half white flower with teal text stamped upon it to the right edge, as well as tracing inside and around the image of the lady with charcoal pencil. I signed the piece using a thin black Sharpie.


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