Fred 1, collage by TEMA

Fred is, of course, my favourite name for the pieces I do and this one is no exception.  This is a picture of Fred, not quite finished.

Each piece in Fred is complete in itself.. made up of fabric pieces for the right side, a fabric back and a piece of recycled cardboard from cereal boxes (my grandchildren are voracious eaters of cereal and their step-Mama saves the boxes for me).  The cardboard is enclosed in the fabric oblong and finished off to seal it in, then they are all lined up as I decide how and then sewn together as a whole.

The unique thing about this 'quilt' is that if folds up nicely for travel (the little squares bend at the seams) and is very easy to hang by means of little tabs at the back that hold it to a rod for display.

It's quite colourful and that is one of the things I am experimenting with – colour.  Up to now, my pieces have been quite somber.



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