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About coachingkat

I am an author of "Kat's 9 Lives of Self-Discovery" developing a "Creativity Compass", Started as a commercial artist, vocational trainer in art, owned a design studio, became a weaver/ stitcher and started the first fiber magazine in the country "Fibernews", lived in Europe created a lifestyle publication for the military in Germany, became an intuitive coach, was an art teacher then and model program designer in Life Skills for welfare mothers. I'm a product designer and owned 2 stores on the Oregon coast. I'm a mix-media artist today, with a ministry in connecting people to nature and their creative spirit as a "Creativity Coach". I offer art programs for free through my ministry of raising funds. Creators are who we are. I help them find that gift inside by playing from the heart.My ministry is Circle 4 Oneness at Cirle4Oneness.Org


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