Generational Achievement Synchro-Maids

 I used a box found in a thrift shop and painted it with acrylic paints.  Then glued craft papers to the inside with medium gel. Part of an old folding ruler was affixed to the top left edges at which time the box cracked alittle and a rusted paper clamp was attached to the top right on which I attached two swimming medals with pieces of cloth. A description of synchronized swimming was printed onto the craft paper top left section and my Synchro-Maids silver charm was attached to a painted cardboard piece. I used a gel pen to trace an image of a synchronized swimmer onto the craft paper and then cut the same image out of fabric, denim and batting and outlined in small black rick rack to make it stand out. The photograph below is of me (ballet leg) taken during the summer of 1970.  On the left are three bottle caps with sheet music copied onto the craft paper and cut to fit inside and a watch face – synchronized swimming was all about the music selection and timing.  The photograph is a reprint of an original photograph taken by a photographer from the Worcester, MA Telegram and Gazette in March of 1970 and entitled "Synchronized Nancys."  All three of us were members of the Worcester, MA Syncho-Maids.  Additional medals -actually won – are affixed at the bottom by covered buttons – matching fabric – glued to thumb tacks. My nose plugs are attached bottom left. This is the second in the series of Generational Achievement. 


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