PLEASE LEAVE ME A COMMENT IF YOU LIKE THIS , YOU WOULD REALLY MAKE MY DAY XXX. This jolly  canvas, 10 x 12 inch, is a tribute to our  rabbit friends . I was going to add more text ,saying " More kisses make us happier bunnies "  initially , as this is true!! , but there  would have been too many beads covering the bunnies .

I used pages from a victorian copy of  "The Pilgrim's Progress" as an initial layer ;apt ,as the story plays out the choices people have: Be kind and loving and be happy eternally , or go the other way !!.I have also used Super heavy gel,  to create the bunnies , they are proud of the canvas by approx 2mm.silver doilies , "Stickles" orange peel glitter glue ( this has a wonderfully strong orange pigment to it ).Vintage- esque pink paper doilies and flowers, vintage buttons , millinery pearls on silvered wire , alphabet beads , tiny shimmering hearts and stars , acrylic paint , ultra fine glitter (naturally !!!) and more .Artist mediums from Windsor and Newton .

There can never be too many kisses!……………………………………xxx

Please take a look at our shop "bernardandmissmousie" on Etsy and  Folksy . My partner makes beautiful rag! dolls and other fabric lovelies  and i make handbags , little lavender bunnies (they are very naughty!)and other lovelies too.as well as my original art work.

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