Heirloom Pumpkin Patch

I created this piece as a celebration that I get to share this upcoming Thanksgiving with my Father and his family for the first time. I am Australian born, but moved to Canada five years ago, married my husband and we've had two boys. My Father has been unable to visit us previously as about 12 months after I moved to Canada he was diagnosed with Kidney cancer, and has been in a battle with ever since. Australians dont have thanksgiving, so I will be able to introduce my Dad, stepmum, and my little brother and sister to the whole concept.

I used alot of recycled elements for this piece, miscellaneous scraps of paper form the pumpkins, the backing sheets are from the inner rolls of wrapping paper, the Masonite board was recycled from an old broken mirror.  I pieced together the backing papers and squares of canvas, and machine sewed them together before assembling my layers of pumpkins and then sewing them onto the canvas. I was recently given a box of vintage buttons from my mother-in-law for my un-birthday, and some of these were then attached onto the Masonite.  I then coated everything with a layer of beeswax, and added the little twigs for stems.

I am hoping this will become the sort of thing that is in our family for generations and that the story of it gets passed down, as I think I have finally learned what it is to be truly thankful! <3


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