ICON… Ode to Spring aka Fred by TEMA

My camera isn't great but here it is – ICON… Ode to Spring… It's working name was Fred… named for my Dad who would have appreciated the flower and the colours of this piece.  He would have said  BEA U TI FUL… He's gone now but I still remember him.

This piece is the first in what I hope will be a series of pieces made in this way. 

It is 6 pieces of recycled cardboard from cereal boxes with fabric glued to them, front and back, in layers with lots of hand-sewing.  There are no turn-unders here.  The piece is left with the outside edges in seam allowance.  The glue is not what is holding it together.  It is the hand stitching that grew harder and harder to do as the piece gained each layer.  IT is very sturdy and hangs nicely on the wall with a button sewn to the upper back of the piece and a piece of embroidery floss wrapped around it to hang on a nail.

The back is signed, dated and named.

If the picture isn't showing all that it should, and you can do it (I'm not sure it can happen here) click to enlarge.  I can do this on my home computer so I'm hoping you can do it here as well.  The enlargement will show the stitches and the better colour of the piece.



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