Looking down series – Leave

 Since I developed dystonia as a reesult of Parkinsons), I am forced to look at the ground. .  This is my first myixed media painting on commercial canvas pawl using paint, card-stock stencils, commercial stencil, embosser handmade paper leaves collage with matte medium, fluid acrylics, mica powders, water soluble oil paste+l———————————-s

















































































nting is done with hand ciut cardstock stenco;s. fliuid  adccrylic paint, water soluble oil pATELA, EMBOSSED PAPER LEAVES PAINTED AND COLLAGED, COLORED PENCIL, MRKERS/ AYYE MEDIUM ON COMMERCILCAMVS PANELS                                                                         


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3 thoughts on “Looking down series – Leave

  1. Wow….What a lovely piece of Art! It’s really pretty! You mentioned using mixed media and I am wondering just how you do it with all of the techniques you used. The process of using mixed media is interesting to me but I have never attempted it other than painting oil over acrylic and have no idea how to proceed with any embossing or other tools. What would you suggest attempting first? Your work is so pretty.
    Sincerely, Peppermint


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