Member 3D Art

Assemblage art, three-dimensional art sculptures, and more from our readers and community members.

Love of … the Love

Canvas, wood frame, smooth volcanic rocks from the Lake Tahoe region.  Watered acrylic paint. One of my fav first works, using paint, canvas, and rocks.  It means alot to me, describes peace, serenity, all is well.  

handpainted straw hats

straw hats, silk colours, non toxic acrylics, trim ribbons, embellishments Made of straw, with good durability. A fashion item that will give a fresh – unique look to your outfit. Hand painted with setasilk (pebeo & deka) silk colours and high quality acrylics. The inner woven design trim ribbon is handsewn and every hat has…

Summer lovin’

I love making people,  l think that expressions on our faces speak more than words. I used recycled wood, rusty nails and wire, rubber ball, cotton wool, paper and acrylic paint, in creating this piece.  

Traveling light

I love to recycle old wood furniture and everything else l find thrown away. I used here an old table leg, rusty nails,decoration flowers, beads, croche, cloth, ball….