Member Collage

Collage art from our readers and community members.


Fuzzy Wuzzy

Beads, plastic, acrylic paint, wood frame I enjoyed creating a small collage within the purchased frame, then glued fuzzy beads to the frame itself. Have fun!  


Prayer Flag

Felt, plastic, cotton embroidery thread, cotton fabric I sewed this prayer flag for a friend who LOVES flamingoes. Have fun and enjoy creating quirky combinations.  



  16×20 canvas, lots of ephemera, a top of a cookie tin, souvenirs from Paris, glue, papers. This is a 3D collage I made with all the souvenirs I collected from my first trip to Paris. There are a myriad of ephemera, a cookie tin, pictures, etc that fill up the collage. I painted the canvas with…


Two Precious

2″ deep cradled panel, cut papers, glue stick, Sargent lamination glue & paintbrush Cut paper collage of two precious fawns  


Tiger Wave

Cut paper, glue stick, laminating glue & 24″x36″ deep cradled panel Tiger cub cut paper collage  



Mixed media paper, paper scraps, modeling paste for Cabbage Rose Stencil, acrylics, fly stamp  


Peacock Delight

Collage on canvas paper, using buttons, beads, sequins, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper,along with  hand and machine stitching. Beginning with  a sheet of canvas paper, I collage elements onto the base using glue and machine stitching.