Member Holiday Art

Holiday-inspired art, including Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, and more, from our readers and community members.

3 Hares Easter/Eostre design

I used water-colour for most of the colour and pro-markers for the hares. I've printed this up as postcards and I'm sending them to friends as Easter cards. I wish I had a nicer handwriting, but decided a while ago that I won't try to do a fancy script, just stick to my own. I…

Snowman Gift Card Holder

Someone has got to hold those pesky gift cards during the holiday season! Why not make it a frozen snowman sculpture? I think that he is adorable and has tons of personality! I hope that you like him?

Pumpkin Tower

It is never too early to think about Halloween is it? I sure don't think so in my book, I made this piece in inspiration to the spooky thinks that I have been seeing still on the web and you know something it is almost MARCH. I think that is so wonderful that people celebrate…

OOAK Halloween Assemblage/DollHouse Miniature

Go There Now Ive been working on this piece forever, finally finished after making lots of the elements by hand, the candles, books, bottles, picture frames, bars, tarot cards, voodoo doll and so much more there really is a lot to see, the picture doesn't do it justice. Go There Now