PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU LIKE THIS OR HAVE SOME CONSTRUCTIVE THOUGHTS TO SHARE ,I REALLY WOULD APPRECIATE YOUR GENEROSITY .My crazy love of colour and shiny things !. BLING !  .I have used white blown vinyl wallpaper that has the appearance of a sea shell that i have painted and waxed etc, plastic bead hearts , little girl rings , swarovski pearls  and rhinestones , alphabet beads , braid , acrylic paint,  artists gloss medium , ultra fine glitter , embossing powders , gold leaf , large acrylic brooch , fabric flowers re worked by me ,  pieces of paper doilie ,  gilding waxes , melted wax crayons ,a tiny wooden seahorse starfish and fish and alcohol inks. The mermaid is a  non copyright image  printed onto photographic paper then i placed a water decal on top of the same image.All on a 10 x 12 inch wood framed  canvas.

This mermaid is obviously dreaming of pretty  things-sparkly rings , pearls etc , but of love too, i think; hearts and flowers surround her .  I do  hope all her dreams come true ! .

I hope some of you love this as i do , it is so bright and cheerful and i cant help but smile when i look at it  .It will be for sale on Etsy soon (when i get organised!!) ;please  get in touch if you are interested in purchasing .

There is a lot of unhappiness and sadness in the world ,I HOPE  my art can  spread a little sunshine.

Love to you all , Amanda .


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