‘Merry Hearts’ a fabric and cardboard collage by TEMA

This collage came about because of my discovery of how much fabric and cardboard can work together.  I fell in love with this method, which I am in the middle of developing… this being my second attempt at it.  🙂

I've been a quilter for years and then a fabric artist but I'm getting older and in need of some way of expressing myself that doesn't include quilting.  This way of doing it… using hand-sewing, glue, decorative stitches and acrylic paint seems to be made just for me, though I'm sure there are others doing it… There's nothing new on the Earth, they say.

The backing piece in green is actually foam core… such lovely stuff – discovered it at Michael's the other day at 2 for $3 – couldn't resist just giving it a try.  A needle slides thru it easily!  How nice is that!



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