Mini Art Quilt — At The Bottom Of The Sea

This 4 1/2 x 6 inch mini art quilt depicts fish, seaweed, a turtle, and even a water serpent. Keep on looking, and you'll notice even more stitching and beading details that makes this underwater scene come alive.  This mini art quilt is 100% hand sewn, and backed with unbleached muslin.

– Created by fiber artist Anita Louise McCormick –

I am a self-taught fiber artist. I design in free form crochet and fabric collage. My work often takes on a visionary quality that mirrors my intuitive flow process. Cats and nature are major themes in my work.

I design my work mostly from found fabric and yarn. I enjoy bringing scraps of cloth from various sources together with embroidery floss and beads. My creative process is very intuitive and I never know quite what my fabric collages and free form crochet pieces will look at until they are finished.

Mini Art Quilt — At The Bottom Of The Sea


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