Mixed Media Angel Collage "Full of Grace"

This is a mini mixed media collage measuring 8" by 8". I like to work small. I started with a drawing which I sprayed with fixative. I outlined everything (except the face) with black gesso. Afterwords, I do a wash using golden fluid acrylics (quinacridone crimson). I begin doing very translucent layers of skintone and shadowing all over the face and shoulders, leaving the highlights near the end. After the skin was done I did the eyes and hair. After the girl was complete, I began working on the swan. I used tracing paper as a template to piece together the entire bird, using individual pieces of text from a book as the 'feathers' and head. I inked the edges of every piece to give the paper more definition as well as more of an aged look. Golden gel medium was used to glue everything down. I wnet over all of the paper, once dry, with a wash of irridecent paint, then a layer of transparent white. I also used white for the background which was 'watered' down with alot of glazing medium. I used white gesso to make the dots. Heavy gel medium was used to adhere the gemstones and pearls I put in her hair. I used my favorite derwent pencil to outline things.


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