Mixed Media Angel "Love Eternal"

I started this piece in my usual way. Drawing out my composition. I outline everything (except the face) with black gesso, making sure to spray with a fixative first. I do a wash of quinacridone crimson using golden's fluid acrylics. The biggest amount of work is in the face. I applied layer after layer of translucent color, adding more highlights and detail near the end. I worked on the wings next. I used tracing paper as a template for the each individual 'feather'. I cut out each feather using pages from a novel. I inked all the edges of the paper to give it an aged look, then glued then down using gel medium, making sure to let my black gesso outline show through. I also used the same technique for the heart shaped locket. I glazed in the background and added gesso dots. Added a wash of irridecent paint and white paint over the 'feathers', and painted the sides, adding ink to all edges of the canvas and then more gesso dots.

I used inspirational words inside all of the 'feathers', using words like "eternal,", "peace", and "beautiful". The heart says "love". I also glued down gemstones next to the heart using heavy gel medium.


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