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Sugar skulls apron | ClothPaperScissors.com

Alexander Henry Fabrics, sugar skull print, 1/2 yard (I have permission from Alexander Henry Fabrics to use their fabric in the apron), a white fabric apron from Hobby Lobby, sewing machine and sewing thread, ceramic skull beads from Michaels), thrift store skirt with embroidery, lime green fabric paint (one bottle), two plastic skull beads from recycled earrings, embroidery thread (one skein)

Sugar skulls apron (detail) | ClothPaperScissors.com

I purchased a plain white work apron and used appliqued sugar skull fabric pieces to decorate the apron.  The embroidered and fringed fabric along the apron’s bottom is a recycled youth skirt from the thrift store.  I also stitched a row of ceramic skull beads on the bib’s top edge.  The sugar skull fabric is also enhanced with dots and lines of lime green fabric paint.  The apron string tassels use two plastic skulls recycled from old Halloween earrings, along with a couple of beads.  What a fun project–this is a wonderful challenge!

Applique with machine stitching to place fabric cutouts.  Cut skirt in half and sew two lengths on bottom edge of apron.  Hand stitch decorative beads along the top edge of the bib and both ends of apron ties.  Embellish fabric appliques with dots and lines of dimensional fabric paint.



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Jane Reiter

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I am an artist, librarian and teacher, in addition to being a Certified Zentangle Teacher. I mainly use mixed media collage to express myself. I love incorporating new and recycled materials into my art!


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