Mixed Media glittery collage

I started out painting a scenic flower garden, but didn't get very far when I decided to start glueing dryer sheets, music sheets, old dictionary paper, gauze, tissue paper and paper towels spray inked from previous art work. After everything was glued, i put a little bit of glitter on it & loved the outcome, but pieces were coming up so i spread glue around the whole canvas then sprinkled some more glitter on it and this is how it turned out.  I didn't make any designs in it, although it looks a bit weird with a dolphin or swordfish on top and a weird face with fire coming out of its nose, haha.  It turned out very beautiful tho I think considering it was very random and all of the color in it is from glitter, and paint and inks from previous art projects.  thank you for looking!! 😀 – Ronni Jane


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