Obama – Biden – Wins

Obama – Biden – Wins

 Artist Allan Cohen Chosen to make a mixed Media Assemblage commission piece on President Obama and Vice president Biden's political victory.

 Aventura, Florida – January 11, 2013 –  Artist Allan Cohen announced  that he ” was chosen for a  art piece on   President Obama and Vice president Biden's political victory.

Allan Cohen is known for his sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical collage mixed media assemblage's that often tell stories, reflect on the human condition and speak of the wonders and worries of  life's situations.  His work is influenced by tales, myths, humor, human nature and personal journeys, as well as quotes and objects he has gathered along the way. He started his art training in Acrylic Painting over 35 Years ago
This piece is  18"x 24" and is made of  photos, campaign buttons, stickers, ribbon, American flag, and bells on a acrylic painted Red, White, Blue canvas background, it is interactive (when the American flag is picked up a large photo of President Obama is revealed, the bells also ring when touched).


Allan Cohen lives and creates his art in Aventura, Florida,   Regarding this commission Cohen stated “I am very pleased and  gratified to be chosen to be recognized locally and also because it is where I live and work.”


Contact Information:

Allan Cohen,s  web site can be found at www.AllanCohenArt.com .

He also can be reached at Allan@AllanCohenArt.com




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