Olivia’s Keeper of the Time, my final result from the disco project.

I found an old plastic clock at a thrift store that I thought would be perfect to portray my idea of the Disintegration Manisfestation Project.  I wanted to express the passing of time through the seasons of the earth and how each changing moment is connected to another, both coming and going, past and present, future and past.  I repainted the clock to look more like aged metal than black shiney plastic.  I removed the drawer and created a niche with eyes in the background to watch the time passing.  The little blue airplane charm represented me moving on.  The owl on the top became the guardian of the Keeper of the Time.  I used some small branches from the tree where my bundle was hung to decorate the sides and represent the changing seasons.  The clock face became a collage with a golden hand holding a seed pod from a tree and the word "grace" carefully saved from the original clock face – which is what attracted me to the piece in the first place.  This was a fun project and I have another bundle hanging out front in the tree, and I've found another thrift store clock — I think this is going to be an annual project for me – centering around the seasons, the passing of time, and always the "Grace" of the future before us.


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