OOAK Louisiana Voodoo Doll Dancing Jewel

Indie music makes Jewel dance barefooted! Her body is a repurposed vintage curtain. Her hair is a funky combo of real cemetery flowers and lace. Soft cottons and lace make up the rest. She is stuffed with new polyfill.

What music do you like to dance to? Sometimes she sings along. She'll help you celebrate your free spirit and work up a spell for you so you can dance like no one is looking. 

Jewel can set on a shelf or comes with a red ribbon loop so she can be installed on the wall. She measures 17 inches tall from dancing toe to cemetery flower crown. Her arms stretch wide to 11 inches. She is signed and dated on the back.

An official hand crafted Louisiana Voodoo art doll. Not intended as a toy for children. All artwork and content © 2012 Kathryn Usher.


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