Opening my heart journal page

This is one view of a multiple page layout that can be seen on my blog at

I have been exploring Zentangle and listening to Pema Chodrun’s book about compassion and they conspired in my mind to become this Zentagle Inspired Art doodle that you can see through the window on this page. I have been using altered books for my regular gratitude journal for almost a year and I love the process and the medium more each day. Looking through my past pages to select an image to share really encourages me with all that I have accomplished, one mark at a time.


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About Jeanette Clawson

I am a mixed-media artist and illustrator. I draw mandalas and other line drawings that I sell as coloring pages. For many years I have kept a gratitude journal and over 3 years ago I changed to an art journal format. I use altered books for my art journals and as canvases for some of my collages. I have been increasingly using my photographs in my art, rather than just as reference.


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