paper-cloth collaged handbag

I think my idea is a new and original technique-I've never seen it before. I created it by taking the concept of paper-cloth and building various layers upon that technique; First, I began layering the cloth with regular tissue paper, letting each layer dry in between; I added random layers of vintage sewing patterns and their envelopes, printed napkins, painted paper towels and tissue paper, vintage costume images, book and dictionary pages, newspaper puzzles and horoscopes, music/song book pages, foreign book pages/newsprint, and washi tape-sealing each layer. Once dry, I added random fabric patches in various sizes using different and contrasting top-stitching; I also including a lace doiley and a large fabric flower I made- I love the result I achieved.


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About MicheleMorrill

Eccentric, married, Mother of 4, self-taught Mixed-Media/fiber artist, seamstress, Designer/Creator a.k.a. Scrappiez Patchwork Girl, avid Art Journaler, Arts & Crafty Diva.


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