16×20 canvas, lots of ephemera, a top of a cookie tin, souvenirs from Paris, glue, papers.

This is a 3D collage I made with all the souvenirs I collected from my first trip to Paris.

There are a myriad of ephemera, a cookie tin, pictures, etc that fill up the collage.

I painted the canvas with gesso, then added each piece of ephemera, paper, and pictures individually.


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3 thoughts on “Paris

  1. what a great piece you’ve done to commemorate your trip to France. Way more interesting than sharing bits and pieces in a little box of things you’ve saved as memories of your journey and able to hang on the wall so you can enjoy it year round.

  2. This is a great keepsake of your trip to Paris. And rather than leave the contents in a desk drawer or box never to be seen again, it’s a piece of art to leave out and enjoy. Nice work.


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