"Pearl" Mixed media collage

I work in mixed media collage and assemblage.  All of my work has a deep spiritual element to it, and I use my work to explore themes that interest and intrigue me.  This collage grew over years from my fascination with travel and exploring cultures very different from my own.  I had been collecting disparate bits of ephemera from my travels and things over many years.  I have read all of the books by Nick Bantock (Griffin and Sabine trilogy, etc.) and Barbara Hodgson (The Tattooed Map, etc) repeatedly and virtually worship their collages involving travel themes and elements.  When a set of franking stamps came into my hands earlier this year, the entire collage suddenly came together for me and became this.  It is a looser structure than I normally use, and contains far more man-made elements than normally appear in my collages.   A departure in the truest sense of the word.

Dea Fischer
Canmore, Alberta
Blog: http://thestarbook.ca/



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