This small piece, 13”W  x  13.5”T  x  1”D, was created in response to a healing exercise in which I was asked to imagine a safe place inside of myself. At the time, there was a lot of strife in my life, and I was having trouble visualizing such a place inside of me. This work was created to remind myself that I do indeed have a sanctuary inside of me. I often carry this piece when I travel to take a little bit of home with me.


   Butterflies are some of my favorite creatures, as they always seem to fly with tremendous joy. These black ones, while somber in color, seemed right to add to the composition. The golden frames lead into our inner dimensions or can be opened to travel outwards to other realms. Tiny beads give the background a tufted, quilted look, making the atmosphere soft and nurturing. I would love to make a similar sanctuary for you based on your own personal signs and symbols.

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