Shapeshifting 2


Another of the mixed-media Shapeshifting collages. The subtitle is "Change was in the air." 

It was made with: an antique map (Winds and the Course of Storms, Guyot's Physical Geography, 1873) and illustrations (The Gibson Book: Vol. 2, 1906; Delineator, Sept. 1899, Dec. 1901, Sept. 1903, March 1910; The Ladies' World, Jan., Feb. and Oct. 1896 and Nov. 1897; The Young Ladies' Journal, March and July 1899; Ladies Home Journal, Aug. 1900 and June 1907; Elite Styles, Jan. 1910). Recycled print. Watercolor, marker, ink, archival glue. On archival mat board. 17.5” x 12” (unframed); 24" x 18.5" (framed).


There are close to 40 corsets in the collage, culled from ads in Victorian/Edwardian women's magazines. Usually, I use Victorian fashion plates for the women but in this collage and one other in the series, I selected Charles Dana Gibson's famous Gibson girls. The original illustration was titled "Bachelors Dream," and had a man in the middle of the circle. I liked the idea of turning the illustration on its head by eliminating the man and showing the women celebrating their freedom from restrictive corsets rather than having them be mere "eye candy."  



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