This is a new, mixed-media collage in my "Shapeshifting" series. In each of the collages, women toss out their corsets and, sometimes, other "beauty" aids. The subtitle on this is "Edith threw caution – and, perhaps, her inheritance – to the wind." 

It's made with all original papers – no photocopies or digital images – including an antique calling card and illustrations (Godey's Lady's Book,  Feb. & May 1858; Peterson's Magazine, April1870;  The Ladies' World, 1896; Young Ladies' Journal, June 1899, May 1900, Oct. 1900; Delineator, Dec. 1899, Dec. 1901, Sept. 1903, Sept. 1913; The Gibson Book: vol. 2, 1906.  Vintage illustration (Woman's Weekly, Sept. 1923). Watercolor, marker, silver leaf, dye, salt, acrylic sealer, glue.  Watercolor paper, archival mat board. 13" x 10.5" (unframed); 20" x 17" (framed).

The background was made in a workshop a few years ago led by mixed-media artist Jacqueline Sullivan. It was a workshop for calligrapher's but I thought it might be good for me, too. She was a splendid instructor. I'm going back through the handouts and notes so I can make more – now that the original ones are almost gone. 


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