Stopping To Smell The Roses

White prepared for dyeing cotton fabric
Micron Pigma pens
Inktense pencils
black embroidery floss
fabric medium
mat board

I began with a white cotton fabric.  Using Micron Pigma Pens, I drew my fairy and the tree branches she sits on.

Then using the pencils, I colored all the parts I wanted, including the background. Then using watered down fabric medium, I covered all the colored portions.  This blends the pencil so it has more of a watercolor look.  I then heat set the piece with a hot iron to make the piece permanent in case it gets wet.

At this point, I added some embroidery.  Sometimes I will even applique other fabrics onto the piece.

Next step is to layer the top with batting and a back making a quilt sandwich.  Using mono filament thread I stitched around the fairy and the black/white sections.  Choosing a quilting thread to complement the piece, I quilt using small meandering stitches on the background.  I like the look I get because the dense quilting makes the drawn figures pop off the quilt making it look quite 3-dimensional.

Now I add any beads or other elements that I want to embellish with.

Next step is to finish the edges.  I like to do a couple of layers of satin stitching around the edges.

With a small quilt I like to mount it onto mat board and then frame it.  I find it too difficult putting a sleeve onto the back for hanging.  I think a small quilt just doesn’t hang quite right with a sleeve.



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