Stringless Violin

Scarlet Scandalvarius coincidentally emerged the same week the 299 year old missing Stradivarius violin was found in someone's attic. My life-size piece was inspired by a red vintage tabletop. Immediately an old shoehorn screamed at me to be repurposed as the chin rest. Scandal comes by way of skinning used baseballs for their pliable stitching and chopping down a cracked baseball bat from my son's collection for the tailpiece.  A piano was gutted for my supply of hammers.  The sensuous fiddlehead scroll-neck was found a decade ago outside a furniture-refinisher's shop on Cape Cod. It was part of a mirror frame from a bureau. The violin's outer edge of spike-like metal findings were, indeed, a find.   A winter weekend of purging cabinets uncovered a forgotten box-of-boxes: heavy-duty snap fasteners!  A zillion of these sturdy nuggets now await their next gig.

Tools: Bandsaw, hand drill, table sander, borrowed instrument to photograph, measure and trace.


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