Supportive Art

When I got my issue of CPS and saw the readers challenge i knew it was meant for me.  I recently have been diagnosed with *** cancer and this became my healing through my treatments.  I choose the healing attributes of the peacock and the butterfly as my inspiration.  My mixed media consists of a paper mache cup  flanked by thule with ceramic made leaves hand painted and with some fabric attached.  The peacock feathers are the outer band of the bra along the thule.  Spiritual Healing Energy is the banner across the bodice and a meditrranean earing is the protective shield in the middle.  The back of the bra is a garden of hearts made from paper mache with hand made paper banners across each with an attribute from the peacock and butterfly.  The butterfly sits in the garden.  Inside the cup as you look down through a heart shape is the *** cancer ribbon made from sculpting paper with the fabric and colors used in the piece.  It also has a banner that  says a shadow of once was and a black shell with a pink bling glued in.  The emotional roller coaster is never ending and working on this project was very calming for me.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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