Tansy leaves fabric print

 Supplies were:

A 12 by 12 piece of Plexiglas (you could use any size or use regular glass instead).

A rubber type brayer,

Acrylic paints: I like the thinner craft paints like Folk Art.

Leaves I used rhubarb leaves and tansy, but others just work as well!

Squares of cotton sheeting or muslin. I used 12 by 12 inches

Cardboard to cover your surfaces


This is a print I created with tansy leaves. I painted acrylic paints on to a Plexiglas square and laid the leaves on to the painted surface. For the print I left the leaves on the painted Plexiglas, rolled paint over the leaves and put the cotton sheeting square over the whole thing and rolled over it with a rubber roller. Then carefully I took leaves off of the Plexiglas and laid them on a square of cotton sheet and rolled over it with the brayer.  For a third print I laid sheeting over the Plexiglas that had the removed leaves for a “ghost” print. I liked all the prints!

Tips: The acrylic dries fast so have your cotton squares ready to go if you want multiple prints!.

 Use up some scraps cotton to clean up your paints and you can use them in art quilts. You can flatten the leaf a little with the brayer before you use it to get more vein detail. Try stripes of colors on the glass or use just one color to get different effects.




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