The DreamWeaver’s DreamCatcher

Recycled cardboard homemade alcohol ink acrylic paints pencil rubber stamps/ink black.

Sharpie marker cardstock for template tapestry needle string/ribbons/beads/a sticker craft knife

A mixed-media Dreamcatcher with 3D embellishments created on recycled cardboard.

Paint cardboard with white acrylic Splatter paint with 6 colors of homemade alcohol ink.

Draw/paint Dreamcatcher and cascading ribbons with acrylic.

Create template/mock-up for Dreamcatcher.

Apply template for correct positioning of string and ribbons.

Weave string and beads.

Lace ribbons and add beads.

Rubber stamp quote.

Stamp/doodle stars.

Add sticker to center of Dreamcatcher



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Eccentric, married, Mother of 4, self-taught Mixed-Media/fiber artist, seamstress, Designer/Creator a.k.a. Scrappiez Patchwork Girl, avid Art Journaler, Arts & Crafty Diva.


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