The Journey – Book Art

A mixed-media piece of recycled book pages, threads and gold leaf.

Weak as one, strong as community. Connected by language and experience, the strong protect the vulnerable to successfully navigate life’s journey.

 This work speaks at a number of levels. It references community, whether based on geography, race, belief, interest or experience.  Community made of many individuals, but with a level of commonality.  Individually, each is weak and easily moved off-course, but together as a group, there is strength and support.

The strongest stand on the outside, surrounding and protecting the weak and vulnerable.  When one starts falling, the others provide stability. Throughout the community are links and connections, represented by the red thread.  These connections provide additional support  – the more connections, the stronger the group.  These connections are also pliable, able to respond to changes.

 The community members, visually reminiscent of desert grasses, also references nomadic indigenous groups, traveling as a community across the country.  The reds and golds reflecting the fires which are often the impetus for community movement, but also for regeneration.   The groups move as a strong single entity with an unbreakable connection.


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