Thea’s Disco Bundle #1

As we move into Autumn in the northern hemisphere, my thoughts turn to disintegration – endings – decay. Now I am ready to jump into the DisCo Bundle project and let nature take it's course! Unless a hurricane hits New England, I expect to leave the bundles until January.

Decorative brads that I received in a gift package have been sanded and used to hold together assorted book pages that have been gessoed, brown paper bags that have been painted with metallic paints and crumpled, a coffee cuff and a textured cigar box lid that was gessoed and painted with acrylics that is really ugly! (I decided to put several of my "ugly" creations in the bundle and see what happens. They certainly can't get any worse!)

Attached to the back is a rolled package of paint splattered napkins. These napkins are not quite paper – more like an interfacing. Annoying to use in the restaurant, but they take paint well, so we'll see what happens!

I couldn't find twine in my stash so I tied the bundle with hemp cord, fine wire and a strip of muslin that was used as a paint rag. Heavy duty twist ties are used to attach the whole thing to an iron stake that is in my backyard.



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