Thea’s DisCo Bundle #2

Another fabulous bundle of papers and stuff that will get to experience fall and the beginning of winter in New England! I loved Seth Apter's article in CPS last spring, but didn't feel moved to join in until my garden started languishing and the evenings turned cooler. Now I can't wait to see what happens. . .

The central backbone of this bundle is a cover from an old journal that has been textured with Golden Fiber Paste and painted with layers of acrylics and gesso. Layered on both sides are assorted book pages and papers – some with gesso and scribbles of water-soluble oil pastels, some with metallic paints.

Two scrolls of rolled up napkins (more more like interfacing than paper – from a local restaurant) and watercolor papers that have been painted are attached.

 Side 2 of the bundle – I can't wait to take more photos and watch the landscape in the background as the seasons change!

As with the other bundle, decorative brads that have been lightly sanded, fine wire and hemp cord have been used to tie the whole thing together. Heavy-duty twist ties were used to attach the bundle to a stake in my back yard.


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