Transparent #1

"Transparency" is taken from a blog post I wrote a while ago, which you can read here:


This is one of my first attempts at doodling and lettering.  The background was made using watercolor and sea salt.  I first pooled watercolor onto my canvas, and while it was still wet, I sprinkled sea salt all over and allowed it to dry.  After everything was dry, I scraped the salt off using an old credit card, sealed the color and started in with the doodling.


My first art journaling book was "The Art Journal Workshop" by Traci Bunkers.  In it she shows tons of ways to express yourself through journaling, and her art methods are so vibrant, I was immediately attracted to it.  One of the lettering techniques she demonstrates is to draw lines within a shape and have your lettering follow that shape as you write.  


Another book I was working through at the time is "Creative Doodling and Beyond" by Stephanie Corfee, which gave me the courage to try my hand at extreme doodling.


Even though it was challenging for me, I kept at it, and this piece was the result.


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