Travel Stories – A Paper Art Piece

Made from various papers and threads

Conversations create connection create community.  The stories shared, even using different ‘language’, link us together and provide strength through connection.

 The many conversations we have are the basis of community and connection. Buildings and infrastructures change, the organisational structures will change, the landscape may change –these things do not make community. Any entity only truly exists through the connections and conversations between its members.  

This piece is made from the 'chatterboxes' (or fortune tellers) of our youth.  As a whole, they reflect the different languages that exist within a cohesive community – both spoken and unspoken languages.   The papers include braille, Russian language, Islamic language, English language, music, art and children's books, the content spanning fiction and non-fiction, literature, history, religion, art, music, politics … – all different, but all the same.

 Thin red threads link conversations and community groups. These threads may break, be moved, or just grow in number.  As individual elements, each is weak, but when joined together, a robust connection exists.



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