Triple Play Christmas Heart Twist Cube

Ahhh, the first snowfall of the season came this morning and its also the first time it has snowed since we moved into our new home in July. It’s week two of the Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop bringing us to the twisty turvy design by talented pop-up artist Karen Burniston.

Starting with the Twist Cube die by Sizzix I decided to make a little a little Christmas ornament and gift. I was inspired by Lenka’s popular Christmas song where she sings “take my heart this Christmas, I’ll wrap it in a ribbon and a bow.” How does one actually wrap up a heart to give for Christmas, you ask? Well, this is what I came up with.

I started with painting each side with some super creamy acrylic Folk Art paint from Plaid. They also have some awesome “Extreme Glitter” paint that I used to add the glitter, applying it as a paint, keeping my studio nice and glitter-mess free. I decided to cut little heart shapes out of the sides of the box and backed each one with a soft warm sheet of holiday colored felt. From there I stitched away adding my Something to Cherish embroidery flair to the project. Adding the bells to the top of the box and to ribbon and bow was the final touch to echo the song lyrics, “all my bells are ringing for you.” Now it is a little something special to put under the tree for my Love.

Putting the box together was the fun part, I am grateful for the wonderful instructions from Karen and Sizzix.


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