Upcycled Tabletop Magnetic Inspiration Board

Cate Prato's great post about upcycling your way to mixed media art made me think about one of my favorite upcycled projects, so I thought I would share it here in the gallery. It's a magnetic inspiration board made from an old metal tabletop. I love to dig through antique shops and junk stores, and I was so excited when I found just the top to one of those funky little vintage kitchen tables! I immediately pictured it hanging on my studio wall with lots of inspiring goodies plastered all over it. Here's a link to a tutorial if you want to make one too. You can always substtute a framed piece of sheet metal from the home improvement store if you don't have any old tabletops lying around! Thanks for the thought-provoking aritcle Cate! I'll definitely be using your tips for upcycling my junk into art!


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