Watercolor Girlz


Watercolor Girlz

Watercolor Girlz

I sketched the faces onto a piece of  5″x 7″ watercolor paper; Once I was satisfied with the look, I outlined the drawing with a black Sharpie Marker. Next, I colored the faces with watercolor pencils; Then, I carefully brushed water over each color and let dry. Finally, I doodled over the watercolor with a complementary color in color pencils and/or gel ink pens; Lastly, I sewed the gathered ribbon flower on their hair.



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Eccentric, married, Mother of 4, self-taught Mixed-Media/fiber artist, seamstress, Designer/Creator a.k.a. Scrappiez Patchwork Girl, avid Art Journaler, Arts & Crafty Diva.


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