Wine and "Crackers" Collage

This is on canvas. First a layer of gesso. Then I centered a gold foil drawing and painted over it; then ran a fork through the paint so the gold would show through. I then lightly applied gold acrylic paint around the outside edges. I have this thing for finding and using broken mirror pieces in art, and stained glass pieces–hence the word "crackers." I centered a small, square mirror and surrounded it with amber stained glass. I then place the mirror shards around in a way that looked good to me. I adhered all of the glass with tacky glue. After several days of not knowing how to complete this piece, I decided to use a stamp to put the curly-cues between the mirror pieces. Then I found a great on-sale stamp with wine names and stamped all around the outside edges, after which I sponged on a little white acrylic wherever I thought it looked good to me.

p.s.  I took the photo standing on a chair looking down at my kitchen table, so you can see the reflection of my ceiling fan in some of the mirror pieces–oh well! 


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