Wonder Box Detail

This is the second project that went around in our round-robin art-journal group. The title of my contribution  is I Shall Live Forever. The shooting-star reference is in there because I was thinking about housework, and what I had to do, and remembered that line about when you're dead and gone,will you really want "she kept a clean house" put on your gravestone? Or something like that.

To keep the stuff inside the cubby, I had to drag out my glue gun, which is not my tool of choice for anything. I am very clumsy with it and there was a mess of glue strings to untangle. Grrrrr.

Background on this traveling project:

I'm a member of a round-robin art-journal group, where we each generate a book or other type of structure, send it around the world a few times, and when it trundles back to its originator, it's lovingly treasured.

The themes of  the journals, loosely so far, concern the journey to artistic  and personal maturity (such as it is), with lessons learned, questions of identity grappled with, mistakes made, acts of  courage, wisdom gained and lost, triumphs achieved, and so on.


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